Getting out of Bed

The Houston area has a cold spell! We even had sleet the other morning. I do not like cold weather and neither does Charlie.

For some weird reason, Charlie’s bedroom is the warmest toastiest in the house. Most of his school break has been spent in his bed, under the covers, with Max, either reading or playing on his iPad Mini.  I have dragged Charlie out of bed for errands and chores several days. The other day the conversation went like this:

Me – Charlie, get your butt up, showered, and dressed right now! I’m not going to tell you again.

Charlie – But Moooommm!! It’s too cold.

Me – So what? Get up NOW.

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~much moaning and groaning while the boy does as he’s told~

Charlie – Mom, I discovered something. It is much harder to get up out of a nice warm bed than it is to get into the same bed.

Yes Charlie, you are 100% correct!

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