Foster to Adopt – National Adoption Month

Charlie is adopted. His best friend at school, Martin, is also adopted along with his sister, Lila. They were adopted from foster care through Depelchin Children’s Center.

Lori just posted on Facebook that 1 year ago this Saturday, Nov. 19th, she and her husband adopted Lila and Martin. Their social worker from Depelchin called to let her know that their family photo was featured on the Fox News segment this morning. They are the first family photo shown.

November is National Adoption month. This month is intended to focus on those children in the foster care system that need forever families. There are approximately 1700 children in the Houston area alone that are waiting to be adopted. Many will age out of the foster care system without finding a loving permanent home.

My parents fostered children when I was younger. Some were lucky to be adopted. Some were not. Some were lucky to be able to reunite with their first families. Some were not. Foster parenting is a tough job but those who do open their homes to these children are blessed. Adopting from foster care is in some ways easier and usually less expensive than agency or private adoption.

If you are considering adoption, please consider fostering to adopt or adopting from the foster care system. If you have concerns, there are plenty of places you can go to ask questions. Start with your local Child Protective Services or whatever they are called in your state. In Texas that is the Dept of Family and Protective Services. They have a whole section on Fostering and Adoption including a search for waiting children. There are agencies that only work within the Social Services to place children from foster care into permanent families. Depelchin is an example. Ask around. You probably know someone who either adopted via foster care or who knows someone who did. I have at least 3 friends who adopted via the foster care system. Read blogs from parents who have adopted from foster care.

Open your mind and heart to a child or children who need families to love them and take care of them forever.


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