>Forgiveness is the Nobelest Revenge

>From Sept. 24, 1985, my senior year of high school, English writing journal entry….

Quote that Day –   “Forgiveness is the Noblest Revenge”

My answer –

I see, it’s like when you’ve done something wrong and you’re forgiven which serves to make it worse. (doesn’t make sense). It is the best way to get revenge though if you think about it. When someone has hurt you and you don’t lower yourself to get revenge but forgive them, a person has done something noble. And it is a form of revenge because the other person usually feels worse over having done something mean.

Is any of this making sense? It’s hard to put into words.

Classmate’s response –

My weekend was great, but Sunday I got sick. Can you believe on my birthday?

Teacher’s reply –

We heard all about it from Steve!!

So what do you think? Can you express or explain the quote better than I could back in 1985 as a 17 year old girl? Do you think the quote is true? Or accurate? What do you think about revenge and forgiveness?


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