Fishing – Throwback Thursday

Mamaw and Panpaw (my dad’s parents) were very much into the outdoors. They took us camping and fishing during the summers. I have many fond memories of summertime activities with my grandparents. This is just one of them.

thowback thursday fishing sisters

I have been going through old family albums the past few months. It was something Mom and I were going to do together the summer of 1999 since I started scrapbooking then. Unfortunately Mom passed away in early May that year.  Now I have drawers and albums full of pictures of people that I have no idea who they are or how they relate to us. Mom and Mamaw were the historians in the family. Thankfully Mamaw had a habit of writing on photos, both the fronts and backs. See above picture.

Apparently this picture was taken in June 1973 at  Lake Bastrop.  Rachael, my sister, is the one standing. I remember those cowboy hats and fishing poles. Panpaw made the fishing poles for us out of bamboo I think. I remember being so excited that Panpaw let us put real hooks on them! Our grandfather had one of those old fashioned “grandpa” fishing hats. I think it was even orange.

Anyhow, Panpaw decided he was going to teach us how to cast properly. In June 1973 I was 5 years old. Rachael was almost 4 years old.  We were  not and still are not very coordinated. Casting with real hooks was probably not the best idea my grandfather ever had. Once Panpaw showed us the basic concepts he stepped back to let us try casting for ourselves. He did not move far enough back.

Rachael threw the line back and caught Panpaw’s hat. Another attempt one of us ended up actually hooking Panpaw. That was the end of the fishing lessons that day.

Do you have any fun memories of outdoor activities with your grandparents?

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