>Film & Slide Digital Converter – my newest fave!

>My best friend, Allison, bought this new gadget she saw somewhere, probably Hobby Lobby. It is called a Film & Slide Digital Converter by VuPoint Solutions. She’s finished with it and now I get to borrow her newest toy.

This is the BEST gadget EVER!!! It takes your slides or old fashioned negatives, scans, and digitizes them for you. You can then print or save to cd or whatever you want!

So simple to use – just download the software and plug in to a USB port. No fancy equipment required. It works with Windows XP and Vista.

The machine comes with a strip holder for negatives and slides. Just put the negative in the holder, line up the squares with the holes, close the cover, & insert into the machine. Hit the copy button and your negative magically appears like the original photo and is saved to whatever file folder you want.

This is really cool since I have negatives all over the place that I have no idea what the pictures are. I don’t want to spend the money printing them if I already have a print somewhere. This way I can see what I have, discard the negative, save to disk, and just print what I need or want.

How cool is that?! Perfect for scrapbook enthousiasts, family historians, or anyone.

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