Fifth Grade

my life such as it is first day of firth gradeToday is the first day of school for the Houston area. Charlie starts 5th grade today! He will be 11 years old in January. My baby is growing up way to fast for me. I am proud of my little man and the person he is growing into. He still loves NASCAR and playing with his toys but glimpses of teenager attitude pop up here and there.

my life such as it is 1st day of 5th gradeI am thankful for the solid friendships Charlie has developed and pray they continue through middle school and beyond. I am grateful the Lord sent me a village before I even knew I needed one. That village has been there for Charlie and me over and beyond the call of duty for the past 5 years.

my life such as it is fifth gradeI will continue to pray over my son daily as well as his friends and all the other children heading to school last week and next week.

signature elizabeth my life such as it

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