>Eco-friendly Reusable Snack bags

>A new item for our Etsy store! Eco-friendly reusable snack bags for your kids’ lunches are all the rage right now. Saving the planet and money is a good thing to quote Martha Stewart. By not using “throw away” plastic baggies you save money and reduce the amount of trash. You also save money by purchasing snacks in bulk instead of the smaller bags. The baggies are cotton fabric on the outside & nylon inside. The nylon is water resistant and easy care. Just wipe out the baggie with a damp cloth, then air dry. Can be tossed into the washer & dryer if need be.
girl monkey reusable snack bag Fortunately I’ve even been upcycling the fabric from Rachael’s Home Ec sewing classes leftovers.

pirate reusable snack bagsI have 2 bag sizes & am selling them as a set. The larger size is approximately 6.5″ x 4.5”. The smaller bag is approximately 5.25″x 3.5″. I have 3 different sets currently listed with more to come.

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