Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

I saw this in my local Michael’s store for $50. I figured I could replicate it for much less. It didn’t take me very long or much money at all. I totally forgot to take photos of my steps (as usual – sorry) but this craft is so easy it isn’t really necessary.


plastic Easter eggs – about 2 dozen. I used mainly leftovers from last year.
grapevine wreath – any size you want (mine is 18 inches)
hot glue gun
Easter grass – any color but I used green

Hot glue the Easter grass to the top of the wreath. If you use the plastic grass, it will melt if you get the glue gun tip too close! You don’t need a lot; I used approximately half a bag. Just squirt the hot glue all over one part of the wreath and clump the grass on it. I used a wooden chopstick to push the grass down so I wouldn’t burn my fingers. Ended up getting a blister on my finger anyway so be careful!

Once you have the grass glued down onto the wreath you are ready to start gluing on the eggs. I glued my eggs shut but it is not a requirement. Just squirt glue onto the egg and place it on the wreath. Randomly keep adding eggs until you are happy with the way the wreath looks. I used different sized eggs as well.

The Easter Egg wreath was meant to be hung on the door but it was too thick with the storm door. The front door wouldn’t shut all the way and I didn’t want to break the eggs.  

So I ended up hanging the Easter Egg wreath on the fireplace above the mantel. I must admit it doesn’t look half bad up there.  The hurricane filled with Easter Eggs on the right is one I made last year.


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