Decorative Plates Project

Mamaw collected decorative plates. Most of them were from the different states she visited but some were from places we visited as well. The plates were hanging on the wall in the dining room. When she moved out and into an apartment, then later in with my parents, they were packed up. My mom hung some up. The rest of the plates were packed away in storage.

I inherited just about everything when Dad died. I’m the sentimental pack rat in the family.

I also have my own collection of decorative plates from places Robert and I went traveled to. I wanted to find a way to display all the different plates and not only in the kitchen.  I wanted something to decorate the backyard that the dogs would not destroy.

As usual Pinterest to the rescue! 

decorative plates hanging on the backyard fence

The plates are hung with nails and plate hangers. I need to find a better way to attach them since several have fallen off and broken during thunderstorms. Overall I am extremely happy with the results.

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