>Custom Pink & Chocolate handmade Baby Basket

>Rachael dropped off the blanket she sewed for the donation basket on Monday. We discussed various ways to bundle all the items up and still show off each one individually. So we decided on a flat rectangle tray with the blanket on bottom and the bib, onesie, and burpcloth on top side by side. I bought some pretty striped ribbon to wrap around it for presentation and Voila! It is done. I’m not very good at bows so I’m just giving the ribbon spool to Karla to make a gorgeous bow for us. Here is a picture of the finished basket without the ribbon.

custom pink chocolate brown handmade baby items
And here it is with the co-ordinating ribbon across the center. Karla will add a big bow before the auction.
custom pink chocolate brown handmade baby itemsAll in all, I think this turned out quite nicely! Hopefully it will do well at the charity auction.

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