Cub Scout Belt Loop Holder – Pinterest Success

I saw this on Pinterest over a year ago but just got around to making it for Charlie. He has earned so many Belt Loops they won’t fit on his belt any more. He wanted a way to show them off and of course I turned to Pinterest for ideas. I found this cute display on the official Cub Scout pinterest page. If you are involved in Cub Scouting I highly recommend this board for great ideas!

belt loop display diy cub scout display holder

The project is very simple and took about an hour to put together.

Materials needed:

  • wooden frame (I used 8×10) with an open back
  • small eye screws
  • 16 gauge copper wire (I used black to match my frame)
  • you can use boondoggle plastic string or any sturdy string if you prefer
  • drill to make holes in frame
  • ruler to measure and pencil/pen for marking

The Belt Loops are about 1 inch tall. I measured 1 inch down from the top and 1 inch up from the bottom. I spaced the marks for the holes approximately 1 1/2 inches apart. I used the drill to put holes into the sides of the frame and screwed the eye screws into the holes.

cub scout belt loop display holder diy

All that was left was to string the wire between the eye screws. I left the back of my frame display open but you could put foam board in the back if you preferred. I used the copper wire because I believe it will hold up better than string over time. No sagging (I hope).

This is a project that any level Cub Scout can do, except for the drilling part. I am pretty sure you can find a way to make it part of a rank achievement project!  This is an excellent way to show off all the hard work your Scout did earning his Belt Loops.

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