Crockpot Fried Apples

Technically they aren’t fried but that is what the recipe calls them. I made these apples last December and gave them as gifts to friends.

I started making this recipe again last week as the weather turned cooler. I am keeping some for me, freezing some, and canning some. That way I will have plenty to eat throughout the year. At least that is my goal.

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I found the recipe on Pinterest of course. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. I didn’t bother with putting the ingredients in a plastic bag and shaking to coat the apple slices. I used an apple corer to slice the apples, hand peeling with a paring knife. Some of the apple slices I left the skin on because I am lazy. I placed the slices in my slow cooker and dumped the ingredients on top, stirring it all together.

crockpot fried apples pinterest project

Now I need to get some more cinnamon and brown sugar along with apples. I want to try my hand at making apple butter too.

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