>Craft show yesterday


Well, the craft show went okay. Rachael and I aren’t thrilled but aren’t overly disappointed at the results. This was the 1st craft show the church had done in years but it was the same day as the Katy Rice Festival (which we didn’t know). So there weren’t a lot of visitors/buyers coming in. We did sell a few items, most of which we didn’t expect to sell. Lots of people took our business cards and asked lots of questions. I did get asked if we take custom orders, which we both do. We refered people to our Etsy store quite a bit for future gift ideas. Rachael and I also handed out postcards with a discount code to several interested ladies. Hopefully something will come out of all of this.

Rachael and I did take the free time to discuss ways to improve our booth set up, table coverings, and other options. We want to do more shows if possible to get our name and products out there. Here’s what the front table of our booth looked like. The rest of the pics are posted on flikr, here’s the link http://www.flickr.com/photos/txebeth

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