Cracked tailbone and dead car battery

I am soooo ready for 2012 to be over!  It seems the knocks just keep on acomin’ over here.

Volunteering has once again proven hazardous to my health and wellbeing.  Once again it involved the PTO and a hand truck. To quote the principal “at least this time you weren’t hurt on school property”.   Wednesday Allison and I picked up the donations from the Student Council Food Drive so we could drop it off at the local food bank. There were quite a few boxes, all heavy with canned goods, and it was wonderful to have her help loading all the food up. The food bank we went too, that I always use, was closed! WTH???  What food bank closes from Dec. 17 – Jan. 7th, during the holiday season when they are needed the most?

Anyhow, we headed out to my church to drop off the donations. First Baptist Richmond contributes to The Helping Hand food bank on a regular basis and we knew the church was open. As we unloaded the last big box in the church foyer, I pulled the hand truck out from under the box, stepped back, lost my balance and went straight down – splat! Right on my rear end.

Hours later I was in extreme pain every time I moved, sat or stood. Thursday I went to the doctor, had x-rays done and confirmed I have a hairline fracture in my coccyx (tail bone).

Later that day my car battery died. Just as I needed to leave to meet Charlie after school.

Thankfully Dad came to jump the car and I went straight to NTB. Good thing I did because the car died as I coasted into the parking spot. The battery needed replacing. The employee changed the battery in the front instead of jumping it again just to move the car into the back.

Toss in all the holiday hustle and bustle, plus this being the first Christmas without Hubby and well, it is a wonder that I’m not hiding in bed with the covers pulled over my head.

Here’s to a (hopefully) better New Year!


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  1. *hugs* It’s been a heck of a year for you.
    sassymonkey recently posted..Virtual Advent Tour 2012: Making MemoriesMy Profile

  2. Here’s hoping 2013 is kinder to you — tailbone and all.
    Jenna recently posted..Christmas Still ComesMy Profile