>Cover your mouth when coughing!

>This has become a mantra at our house. Charlie has had a mild cough on and off for over 2 weeks along with the runny/stuffy nose. I jsut figured it was the usual crud/cold that comes this time of year. We have been constantly telling Charlie to cover his mouth while coughing. We’ve demonstrated how to cover your mouth with either your hand or sleeve of your shirt. All to no avail!

I took Charlie to the pediatrician yesterday because he woke up at 1am with a fever of 101.6. Charlie felt warm on Christmas Day but I attributed that to all the hullaboo of the day. Dr. Hogarth said it had definitely moved from a cold to something more serious. She heard “crackling in his lungs”. Apparently the bacteria for bronchitius or walking-pneumonia (she told me the official name but I forgot) has taken hold of Charlie’s body.

So I rushed to Wal-greens to fill the prescription, pick up more ibuprofen and cough syrup. The stuff Dr. Hogarth recommended to quiet Charlie’s cough at night did not work. The boy was hacking all night long but only woke up once thankfully.

So I’m home with a sick little boy. Charlie isn’t acting like he feels sick which is good in a way. However, I return to work on Monday and my husband is going to be taking care of Charlie all next week. It should be interesting.

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