>Cousin in Russian

>russian cousin adoption tshirt

I just made a t-shirt for Charlie with the word “cousin” on it in Russian. I thought it would be cute for when my sister and BIL get farther along in the adoption process as a way for Charlie to show his support for the adoption. I also think it might be something we can make and sell on Etsy as a fundraisor for them. We can make them with just about any word converted into almost any language, curtesy of translation websites. I think words like Mother, Dad, Grandmother, etc. would be cute. There isn’t a lot of things out there for adoptive parents. There is some jewelry I’ve seen on Etsy that follows that idea but I think t-shirts would be nice too. The one I made for Charlie has a smudge on it from my iron. Guess I need to clean the iron! LOL! I just used iron-on transfer paper but I’m not sure how well it would it will hold up over time. I am going to experiment a little bit more before trying to make some t-shirts to sell. I don’t want to promote a crappy product. The profits from the adoption language shirts will go to help pay for Rachael & Chris’s Russian adoption.
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