Elvis Presley – Conversations with Charlie

A few weeks ago Charlie had to do an oral report on a famous person. The teacher assigned Charlie Elvis Presley for his report. According to Charlie, not only did he have to find a book to read about Elvis and write a report but also give a SPEECH for a SPEECH grade!) (emphasis Charlie’s)

This is how the conversation regarding research on Elvis Presley went.


Mom – Did you find a book at the {school} library on Elvis Presley today?

Charlie – No. There are no books written about Elvis Presley. He’s not famous.

Mom – …. stunned silence…..

Charlie – what?

Mom – er…did you ask Ms. B (the school librarian) for help in finding a book about Elvis Presley? There are lots and lots of books about him. He is really famous.

Charlie – No.  Mr. S (his teacher) gave me some stuff to read. BUT I’m telling you, Elvis Presley is NOT famous!



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  1. Giggle.

  2. Hahahahaha.
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