Conversations with Charlie – Cat Names

conversations with charlie, cat, tabby, funny things kids say, pet names

My dad got a cat from Ft. Bend Animal Shelter over a month ago.   The cat is a small gray striped with white paws and chest. Dad named him Thomas the cat or Tom for short.

cat, pets, conversation with charlie, naming pets, funny things kids say

Me – Guess what Charlie? Poppa got a cat!

Charlie – he did? what kinda cat? what did Poppa name it? is it a boy cat? Poppa should get a boy cat because he’s a boy too.

Me – yes, Poppa got a boy cat. It is gray striped with white paws and chest.

Charlie – Cool! What did Poppa name him?

Me – His name is Tom, short for Thomas.

Charlie – Wha? Tom is a stupid name for a cat. Poppa should name him Stripey since he has stripes………or Leroy. Yeah, Stripey or Leroy. Those are good cat names.


tom cat, conversations with charlie, tabby cat, pet names, funny things kids say




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