Concrete, Flagstone or Gravel Path?

My backyard turns into a swamp when it rains. It can takes days to dry up. This was not such a problem with just Ruby, she doesn’t like to get wet or muddy. Max, on the other hand, loves jumping in mud puddles. The dogs run along the fence lines chasing squirrels and lawn mowers. The grass no longer grows along those pathways. This creates a problem.

muddy back yard

Especially when the EVIL yard guys with the EVIL lawn mowers show up in one of the adjacent yards. Max will run back and forth along the fence line barking the entire time the lawnmower and weed eaters are going. Then he comes inside, one huge wet muddy mess, and jumps on my bed.  Max also tracks mud all over the house.

swampy backyard

Based on Jackie’s suggestion, I want to make a 2 foot wide path along the fence line. Hopefully that will help cut back on the mud problem. Grass will not grow with Max and Ruby racing back and forth on a regular basis so making something solid sounds like a good idea.  I can’t decide what I want to do. I was thinking a flagstone path laid out would like pretty. Or pouring concrete in a flagstone pattern would be less expensive and more of a DIY project. I could add cement stain to make it pretty if I wanted.  The third idea is to lay down a rock or gravel path. Edging it with decorative pavers to would help shape the path and keep the rocks in place.


Of course with my luck, Max and Ruby would just run next to the path and not on it.

What do you think? Which method should I use to create a dog run path for Max and Ruby?


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