Chuckit! Ball Launcher

It is will established that Max is obsessed with tennis balls. He loves to chew on them as well as chase them. Lulu is all about the chasing of the tennis balls, Or tormenting Max by taking his tennis ball despite there being a dozen or more other tennis balls hanging around the house or yard.

After a few throws, the tennis ball gets really really gross. Covered in dog drool slimy gross. The photo does not show all the grossness.

tennis ball mylifesuchasitis.comTossing a drool covered ball is NOT my thing. Enter the Chuckit!  This toy is truly a life changer for anyone whose dog loves to chase tennis balls. This handy dandy tool allows you to pick up the gross soggy ball hands free. No touching any of the slime! chuckit ball launcher

In fact we have at least 3 of the standard Chuckit! launchers. I also have another launcher just for the dog park that lets me throw the ball longer distances.  I stink at throwing things. Always have even as a child. Having the tennis ball launcher allows me to actually throw the ball for the dogs further than 3 feet. The standard size Chuckit! will throw the ball across the backyard with ease.

If you have a dog that loves playing fetch then I highly recommend the Chuckit! ball launcher. You can purchase special Chuckit! balls but regular tennis balls fit it too.

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