Christmas Advent Books

I am in total awe of people who manage to do a Family Advent Calendar with different family oriented activities every night in December. People like Mandy at Four Against Two and FireMom at Stop, Drop, and Blog just amaze me that they can actually plan in advance and do these things! I never seem to remember I want to plan family Advent stuff until I start pulling out the Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving.

This year is definitely a no-go with everything going on with Hubby right now. However, I did see an eminently doable idea over at FireMom’s blog. This year my favorite fire family is also doing a Book Advent Calendar in December. FireMom says it  is all over Pinterest and the blogosphere. I haven’t done the research but I’m pretty sure she’s right. FireMom usually is about these things.

It is a simple enough concept. Using Christmas themed books you already own and adding a few new ones, your child(ren) get to chose one book each night to open and read. The books are wrapped individually and placed in a basket, decorated box, or whatever container you have handy.

I used a basket I already had and spray painted it bright red. For some reason there were only 3 Christmas themed books in Charlie’s library. I know there were more but they must have disappeared in a purge at some point during the year. Thank goodness for Half Price Books! I made a quick run while Charlie was in school and picked up a variety of books inexpensively. I did have to buy 2 books from Barnes & Noble to get to 24 total. Next year I will plan in advance! (somebody remind me please)

Charlie loves his Advent Christmas book basket! It is on the fireplace opposite of our Christmas Count Down calendar. Every day after dinner he reminds me that he gets to chose a book at bedtime.

Ruby (the dog) isn’t as impressed or excited as Charlie.

Thanks to FireMom for the totally awesome idea I could rip off borrow. You made Advent more special for my son and that is a gift I’m grateful for.


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  1. I promise you that my advent season is not very organized! With life being crazy and having a child with special needs, we are day by day and I switch activities as needed. The book idea is awesome!

  2. It is still more than I attempt any given year!

  3. How cute! Looks like so many great Christmas memories are being made with Charlie! Love it! Stopping by from SITS!