>Charlie’s 6th birthday Party

>This year Charlie chose a SpongeBob Squarepants theme. That is a HUGE departure from what he has always chosen in the past. Hubby and I were slow in deciding whether or not to have the party at our house. The problem is the Houston weather – it tends to be cold and rainy this time of year and our backyard does not drain well. We had the party at the house last year but 20 kids running around inside is a bit too much.

This year we had Charlie’s party at Stomping Grounds Playland. There is a huge indoor playarea – hamster tunnels, slides, etc. for the kids. He had a wonderful time with his friends and family. We only saw the kids when the pizza and cake were being served!

My cousin Tara and her family drove down for the party as did my Aunt Cecie. My Uncle Jim came from way on the other side of town. Hubby’s family was well represented as well.

I think the party was an overwhelming success. I’m exhausted though and I didn’t even really have to do much of anything.  The main thing was Charlie was happy. That’s all that matters in the long run.
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