Charlie’s 4th birthday party

Charlie’s 4th birthday party was a success! Hooray! At least he and his friends from preschool had fun and that is what it is all about.

We had the party at Chuck E Cheese. 7 kids from his preschool came (half) which is pretty good. Then of course the cousins and family made up the rest.

Charlie handled the crowds and noise really well. I am so proud of my little man.

The theme was Hot Wheels and the local HEB did a great job with the cake. It was the 1st time I had ordered one from them. I found Hot Wheels cars at the HEB for 50 cents each! What an awesome deal since they are normally around a dollar. We bought 30 of them and the cars were our goodie bag for the guests. I just put them in a large basket and let each child pick out 1 vehicle to take home.

Charlie received lots of nice presents, including many Hot Wheels Monster Trucks from Monster Jam. That is his current favorite vehicle. Charlie and Daddy watched way too much SpeedTV over the Christmas break. Now I just need to write the Thank You notes.

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