Charlie and the Houston AutoRama

For years it was a longstanding tradition that Hubby took his nephews to the Uptown Lighting after Thanksgiving dinner and then the Houston AutoRama on Friday.

Now, there seems to be some *ahem* discussion as to what was done when between Hubby and his sisters. I told them I don’t have a dog in that hunt so leave me out of it.

Hubby wanted to start the tradition up again since Charlie is still so very much into cars.¬†OK, still obsessed with cars. The plan was for Hubby and Charlie to so with Uncle JT (Hubby’s nephew) on Thursday night. Of course that was derailed earlier this week.

JT is taking Charlie to the AutoRama today. I think JT is more excited than Charlie! Uncle Josh and Alexis are going too. I get the day to myself. Woo hoo!


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  1. JT was happy to take him and thank you for letting Charlie go. I hear they had their picture taken with a pin up girl….can’t wait to see that pic!