Backyard Flowers

I have a black thumb. I still try to beautify my backyard with flowers. I manage to kill many unkillable plants but somehow, Wandering Jew manages to thrive. My most recent attempt is a whiskey barrel with Lantana in a corner of the backyard along with hanging pots on the fence. The pots contain Wandering […]


Outdoor Patio Chair Project DIY

This was totally a spur of the moment whim project. I was working on another unfinished outdoor¬†project from a year ago and bam! I looked at my patio chairs and cans of spray paint just sitting there so I decided to paint the chairs. Being lazy I didn’t prep the chairs except to wipe off […]


French Drains

My backyard is not level. It turns into a swamp when it rains, especially around the roof line by the patio. It does not drain and takes days to dry out. The dogs were constantly bringing in mud. The solution, besides leveling the entire backyard, is a French drain.¬† I finally had one installed over […]

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