texas bluebonnetsYesterday Charlie & I went strawberry picking with friends at The King’s Orchard. On the way there we adults had been talking about how we wanted to take bluebonnet pictures of our kids but never seemed to get around to it. Most of the huge fields of bluebonnets are a driving distance away unless you wanted to stop somewhere on the side of a road. That is what the zoom feature is for – getting rid of an ugly background!

On the way home we saw a bunch of cars lined up on the side of the road next to a large patch of bluebonnets. People were taking photos of their kids in the flowers. Allison jokingly said, hey we should do that too! Cindy & I agreed so Allison pulled over. We got all the kids out of the car & plopped them down in the flowers. texas bluebonnetsBluebonnets are the official state flower of Texas.
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