BlogHer 2014

I am leaving for the annual BlogHer conference today. YAY! This is something I have been looking forward to all year. It is my 4th consecutive BlogHer conference.  I am winging it by myself this year. Charlie opted to stay at home and go to Myles’s house.  I swear those boys are joined at the hip.
I'm Going to BlogHer '14!

I don’t have any plans on Thursday except to explore San Jose and meet up with friends. Most of my OLFs will be busy working the conference and Pathfinder Day but I’m sure we will find time to meet up at some point.

The conference is Friday and Saturday. I actually looked at sessions this year and am putting thought into what I would like to attend. I have even made plans for the Expo with the booths I want to visit. I do not have my “elevator pitch” ready though.

Last year Charlie and I attended the BlogHer conference in Chicago. It was fun and for me, had a different feel than the previous years I had attended.  Denise says she has an idea why and promised to tell me at this year’s conference.

I know I have changed and grown in the past 3 years.  Ever since things went to hell in a hand basket in 2011, I have been forced to step outside my comfort zone and handle what life has thrown at me. Admittedly I have not handled all of it with grace or even handled it at all. I am great at avoiding things I do not want to deal with.

I am looking forward to this trip. I am excited to be in a place where I belong, where my love of oversharing and social media is not only accepted but celebrated!

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