>ARGH…I can’t find the pictures I want to find!

>Ok, so I’m obsessing over this. An old friend found me on Facebook & sent me a message. We’ve been catching up and this started me reminiscing. Her mom made the best decorated cakes! I remember Mrs. Bass (her mom) making me a Holly Hobbie cake for my birthday one year. I think it was the one in 4th grade which would have been my 10th birthday. I was very much into Holly Hobby at that time. It was 1978 after all! So I decided to find the pictures and post them.

I seem to remember seeing pictures from those years at my parent’s house. I spent 2 hours there searching. In fact, albums from that time frame are missing! Mom had them all numbers and dated. Albums 1,2, 5, 8 are there.

I am also missing my pictures from 3rd & 4th grade that I had set aside to scrapbook. I know I had the class photo, even copied the back where I wrote every one’s names, along with paper, stickers, etc. all together in an plastic 12×12 envelope. I have searched my office and my house but can’t find them anywhere!

This is driving me nuts. I have called and asked my sister about the pictures & albums already. She has no clue. My best friend hasn’t seen them either. Dad has no clue about the missing albums at his house. Each person has told me to take a deep breath, step back, and resume the search tomorrow.

I don’t want to do that!! But I suppose I have no choice……

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