Apocalypse Cow

Flesh eating sex crazed zombie cows in England! What more could a reader ask for?!

I saw the sequel, World War Moo, at Half Price Books back in June. I immediately bought the first book, Apocalypse Cow by Michael Logan, and started reading. This book is great. There is enough plausibility to make you stop and think plus plenty of grins and giggles.

For once America is not the bad guy. The traditional British “stiff upper lip” reaction to the epidemic is handled well along with the rest of the world’s reaction to the plague. The heroes are not trained military or even in self defense. They kind of just stumble and bumble their way through which makes them all the more likeable. Geldolf is a teenager who is raised by a vegan hippy off the grid mom and a stoner dad. Terry works at the slaughterhouse where the virus starts and manages to survive the first wave of attacks. Lesley is trying to live up to her famous journalist father and failing miserably.  She is given the chance to scoop the whole zombie virus debacle and does nothing with it! Add in a crazy government agent who will do anything to stop word of the situation into the mix and voila! A great story comes to life!

I highly recommend this book and its sequel, World War Moo. I hope there is a third book coming out!

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