Another Pinterest Project

Since I’ve been stuck at home, in theory anyways, I have been working on items that needed to be done around the house. Some of these To Do items have been on the list for years. I am slowly hacking away at my list.

One of the things to do was to move my hanging pots from the back fence where the dogs keep knocking them down to a new location. Since most of the flowers and plants have died, I started replacing them too. hanging pot plants mylifesuchasitis.comI added even more decorative elements by cutting out vinyl with my Cricut Explore 2. I labeled the herbs. Everything was going pretty darn good until the other day. The plants were growing and surviving.

decorated ceramic hanging pot with eaten parsley

THEN yesterday I went out to add more decorative stickers to the pots. My  parsley and miniature morning glory plants were gone! They had been eaten down to stubs. I have no clue what animal ate both of them. The rosemary and other plants alone. decorative pot hanging on fence with eaten plant in it

So now I have to figure out what to replant and hope the mystery animal doesn’t strike again.

signature elizabeth my life such as it
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