Air Plants

I finally found a plant I should *not* be able to kill! I am known to have a black thumb. I’ve killed other “non killable” plants before.  Even Charlie has told me to quit buying plants as they will just die. They are called air plants and are part of the Bromeliad family. I purchased mine at Lowe’s and they are from The Live Trends collection. You can get the plants in a cute planter or all by themselves. I already had a planter so I bought just the plants.

The neat thing about these plants is they don’t require much to keep alive. They have no root system so don’t need soil. All that’s needed is misting a few times a week and sun.

air plant mylifesuchasitis.comI put the plants on the kitchen window sill which should meet the sun requirements. A squirt bottle is nearby to remind me about the misting. Fingers crossed I can keep these plants alive! Charlie has his doubts.

air plant, mylifesuchasitis.comsignature elizabeth my life such as it

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