After school science experiment – Eggshell Geodes

I love finding cool science experiments on Pinterest.  The plan is to incorporate some of these ideas into Cub Scout activities. I decided to try one of the experiments with the Posse as a test run.

egg geodes experiment

the beginning

The experiment I chose was to create crystal geodes inside of eggshells. It seemed simple enough to do and for the kids to participate in. So I made myself an omelet for lunch and saved the eggshells. I let the kids put their chosen ingredient inside the eggshell along with their choice of food coloring.

eggshell geode experiment

the end result

I was not able to use the 1/8 cup of solid ingredient the instructions called for. My eggshell were not big enough. So I had the kids put a teaspoon inside the eggshell and added enough water to cover the ingredients.

eggshell geode experiment success

one of our successes

I don’t have a record of what ingredient went with what color for true scientific analysis. Here is the list of what the kids used:

  1. white sugar
  2. powdered sugar
  3. light brown sugar
  4. baking soda
  5. baking powder
  6. table salt
  7. flour
  8. Splenda

It took the 5 days the instructions said for the crystals to fully form. We had some successes and some failures. Overall the Posse was excited about the experiment. They raced in daily to look at the eggshells.

eggshell geode experiment

another success

I think I am just as excited as the kids that the experiment worked. I think we’ll try the Borax and pipe cleaner one next.



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