50 by 50

I turned 49 on January 22nd. I am late posting this due to 2 back to back weekends of camping, Charlie being sick and now I have the flu. My plan was to post the week of my birthday. How does the old saying go?

Man makes plans and God laughs.

My friend Laurel did this for her 49th birthday year and I loved the idea so much I wanted to copy it. Hopefully having this list will encourage me to get stuff done over the year. Some of these things are super simple and have been on my To Do List forever. Some are new goals.  There isn’t 50 items on this list either. I will most likely add things as I go along. I will try to update where things are on a monthly basis.


  • lose 25 pounds by the end of the year
  • scrapbook with Allison once a month
  • blog a minimum 3x a week
  • meal plan 1 week a month minimum
  • volunteer at the Animal Shelter at least 1x a week
  • empty boxes in office/sewing room
  • exercise 3x a week
  • build “emergency” savings back up to $1000 minimum
  • meet my Good Reads 2017 reading goal of 80 books


  1. assemble and hang dining room valances
  2. sew and hang bedroom valance
  3. sew and hang office valance
  4. update will and other legal paperwork
  5. have a yard sale to clear out the garage (early April
  6. organize the garage


  1. attend Financial Peace University
  2. participate in a 5K run
  3. make backyard dragonflies
  4. make hubcap flowers


  1. fix car side mirror
  2. replace front door
  3. install glass storm door
  4. replace grill
  5. hang wrought iron head and foot board on patio
  6. create photobook of Dad for Charlie
  7. print Disney cruise photos and put in scrapbook box along with paper, embellishments, etc
  8. print Grand Canyon photos and organize paper, etc. into box
  9. switch door from hallway to my bedroom
  10. switch Charlie to a double bed from a twin
  11. replace light fixture over the garage with the one I bought years ago
  12. recover dining room chairs with already purchased fabric
  13. Take Charlie to visit Texas A&M and the George W Bush Presidential Library
  14. refinance the house
  15. take defensive driving
  16. research lower car and house insurance
  17. finish Charlie’s Cub Scout scrapbook
  18. renew Archery Rangemaster certification

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  1. Love it! Wishing you all the best on achieving your goals. 🙂