2014 Swim Times for Charlie

Another swim season is done! Charlie was disappointed in not making it to Finals and All Stars but he is happy to improve his stroke times. I am so proud of my boy for sticking with swimming! This year Charlie focused on getting the stroke technique down so he won’t get disqualified (DQ). He learned the breast stroke and butterfly this year for a total of 4 swim strokes.
quail valley dolphins swim team 2014 banquet awards
Charlie’s final times for the 2013 swim season  –
*Free – 25.68
*Back – 40.04
*Breast – 44.44
*Fly – 57.38

Charlie’s final  times for the 2014 swim season –
*Free – 21.56
*Back – 31.22
*Breast – 40.38
*Fly – 34.84

Overall pretty darn good especially since I can barely swim myself.

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