1st US airline to use advanced biofuel

As I’ve stated before I work for an airline. I don’t discuss my job too much because I love my job and what I do. You see, there are those pesky social media policies in place and I don’t wish to jeopardize my job.  I don’t think bragging on my company will hurt me any though.

Yesterday my company was the first US carrier to operate a flight using a new sustainable bio-fuel, a blend of traditional jet fuel and a new algae-based bio-fuel. This is another part of our Eco-Skies commitment to be an environmentally friendly company. There are many things that my company has done over the years to encourage all employees to be more environmentally aware.

There is an a article posted on the official company website about yesterday’s flight to Chicago.The Houston Chronicle, our local newspaper, also has an article about the historic flight yesterday.

I’m proud that my company is constantly searching for ways to conduct our business in an eco-friendly manner.


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