>1st popsicle of the year

>March 9, Tuesday, was our first warm sunny pretty day in the year. I decided to get a head start on some yardwork so Kiddo & I headed outside for a little bit. 

I started working on the side flower beds. I pulled weeds & started deadheading all the brown dead leaves & stems from the canna lillies. I need to get more bulbs/tubers to plant in those beds. Some of the plants are still alive & starting to grow again.

Kiddo played in the driveway while I worked. He got out his chalk & Hot Wheels, making a race track for the cars to race on.

About an hour later I was done with the cutting & cleaning out of the flower beds. Kiddo decided he wanted a popsicle from the garage freezer. It was the first popsicle of the year. A true sign of spring!

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