>1st day of Kindergarten

>Today is Kiddo’s 1st day at “big kid” school. He is starting Kindergarten at the local elementary school. It is just a 15 minute walk from the house. Hubby is in charge of mornings and I’m in charge of pick up in the afternoons due to our work schedules.

(school supplies including the hard to find notebooks)

Kiddo got up on time this morning all by himself. He made the bed (we’ve been working on that over the summer) and got dressed. He chose his favorite “racing stripe” shorts and a new shirt along with his new Sketchers to wear today. In case you didn’t know, Sketchers “make you run really fast” according to Kiddo.

Today parents were allowed to enter the school and escort the kids to their classrooms. Hubby explained that starting tomorrow Kiddo will be doing this by himself from the car pool lane. Luckily Kiddo’s classroom is right next to the entrance at the drop off spot.

Sneak A Peak was last Thursday. Kiddo’s school supplies were taken that night so we didn’t have to mess with them today. Kiddo’s teacher seems very nice. There are only 15 kids in Kiddo’s class.

All in all, this morning went very smoothly. I thought I was okay with this but apparently I’m not. I started freaking out last night a little bit. This morning I had to fight back tears as we left the school parking lot. Kiddo seemed fine. He has never had separation anxiety; we’re lucky to get a hug or a kiss goodbye.  My little man is growing up!


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