>White Elephant Party

>Sunday was our Sunday School class White Elephant partyI love White Elephant parties. I am aware that there are a variety of ways to play especially regarding the “trading” or swapping of gifts rule – when a gift can be taken, how often, etc. Apparently the people in our  class are not familiar with the concept or the rules.

 I thought our White Elephant gift, a jar of old potpourri with lights inside, covered with a doily, fake flowers, and a fake cardinal was great. Don deemed it not quite tacky enough.

The poor man was getting frustrated over the fact that apparently we as a class in general just do not the get concept of a cool, tacky White Elephant gift.

Used candles – pbffft! Toilet paper caddy with new TP included – pbfft!

The only gifts that met Don’s strict standards were the back splash from some one’s kitchen remodel,

 the used Barbie dolls,

the camouflage hunting burlap complete with eau de deer in heat

and the little flushing toilet bank.
Do you remember a favorite White Elephant gift? Or one that was re-gifted year after year?


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