Weekly Family Meal Planning

For the past few months I’ve been attempting weekly family meal planning. All the experts say that pre-planning meals for your family will reduce your grocery bill, help you eat healthier and make life easier in the long run. The problem for me isn’t necessarily lack of time but lack of interest in cooking meals. Well, that and a super picky Hubby. I mean it – Hubby is worse than Charlie when it comes to eating food!

*Ahem* I digress. Back to meal planning. Several of my Internet friends do weekly meal planning and have inspired me to try it as well. I started back in the fall but fell off the wagon over the holidays. Sassymonkey  posts a Monday Meal Plan every week.  FireMom usually chimes in with her menu and so do TW and Denise.

So I am taking it slowly, one week at a time. I considered trying the Once A Month Cooking method but it was overwhelming for me. Plus most of the dishes were things that Hubby wouldn’t touch. Just thinking ahead one week at a time seems to be something I can handle and stick with.

I tend to stick to the tried and true around here. I do throw in a new recipe at least 2-3 times a month. I have found that meal planning encourages me to include more veggies in our meals (besides a starchy side dish). I’m not sure about spending less at the grocery store yet. We are eating less processed foods from a box which is a plus. I discover I’m less tempted to suggest eating out when I plan meals in advance.

For Christmas my niece gave me a menu board she made. It is pretty cool. Katt even included a dry erase pen with it. I think it will help with my weekly meal planning, assuming Hubby doesn’t erase what I’ve written for a day if he doesn’t like it.

There are tons of resources for menu/meal planning on the Internet and of course recipes out the wazoo.  A personal favorite of mine is The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty KitchenBlogHer is an excellent resource;  they even have a food conference – BlogHer Food ’11
?Do you plan a weekly menu for your family? Or a month at a time? Or just wing it 30 minutes before dinner?
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