>The Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany

>Friedrichshafen is on Lake Constance, on the border of Germany. It is a tourist area but the town itself is not very touristy. They are know for conventions & trade shows mainly. We were there with my dad for the huge European Ham Radio show held there every June. My dad is an Amateur Radio operator (Ham) & I have my license too. We met up with my dad’s friends, Mr. & Mrs. Gerber.

We stayed at a lovely hotel in town. It was established in 1799. The food was good & a breakfast buffet was included, not very common in Europe. The buffet was huge! It had all the normal European stuff like yogurt, cold meat, cheeses, granola cereal plus stuff for us Americans like bacon, scrambled eggs, and of course my personal favorite – bread! I do not know what the Europeans do to their regular sliced bread but I could wax poetic about it. I justify the extra carbs by all the walking I do on vacation. We arrive on Thursday, June 25, in Frankfurt & drove down to Friedrichshafen. On Friday, hubby, kiddo, me & Mrs. Gerber went to the Zeppelin Museum. It was very interesting. I had no idea that Zeppelins were that nice inside. I forgot to take pictures of the mock up rooms but there were nice bunks, fold down sinks, closets, and seating areas. Zeppelins even had windows you could open in the lounge areas! It was definitely first class travel between the wars. Overall the museum was good with lots of interesting information.

All 4 of us then proceed to take the train to Lindau, a small island on the lake. It was a short train ride that Charlie loved, despite the rain. The island has a lot of history. We walked around looking at most of the sights while waiting for the drizzle to clear up. While looking at the exquisitely painted old City Hall, we came across a choir in German costumes singing. We have no idea what the occasion was but it was lovely to listen to for a bit.

choir Germany
We saw some other very interesting things in Lindau but I will post them tomorrow with photos.
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