The Flu – Day 2

I was officially diagnosed with the flu yesterday. It hit me out of nowhere, around 3am. I woke up with a stuffy head, freezing, coughing, totally exhausted, and in pain. I managed to drag myself to my GP and the flu test came back positive. I headed home with Tamiflu and cough medicine. I felt like I had been run over by a gazillion semis and alive for each and every one.

Day 2 – I have literally done nothing today. I have not left my bed except to get more water, pee, take my medicine, and eat 1 slice of bread. I made Tarrant’s Feel Better Tea.  My hips and knees hurt. Not ache but H*U*R*T.  Surprisingly my fever has not spiked too high (101.4) but I have been waffling between freezing and sweating all day. I have slept off and on all day. I am feeling so sick that I have not even read or watched TV today.

Dr. Anzaldua has put me on bedrest all weekend. Charlie and I have a full schedule Saturday with Scouts. Obviously I will not be participating in any of the events. I am praying I feel better by Monday. Thankfully I work from home and can work as long as I feel up to it.

So here is cute picture of Lulu to brighten your and my day.

lulu rescue dog puppy my life such as it is

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  1. Oh No!! Hope you’re feeling better by now!
    Beckey recently posted..Currently… February 2017My Profile