We got Snow!

The only time the Houston area seems to get snow is after a hurricane or huge tropical storm. We do get cold temperatures, for us at least, but not in the freezing zone during a normal winter. It snowed last week. Only 2-3 inches and it was melted by lunch time but totally fun while […]


>Only the Good

>Are you tired of hearing about all the depressing stuff going on in the world? Frustrated there never seems to be anything positive mentioned in the nightly news? Sick & tired of all the negativity in the world around you? Want some “good”, as in “not negative”, in your life? Then pop on over to […]


>Snow in Houston!

>This past Friday we had snow in the Houston area! That is a big deal because down here we’re lucky to get cold weather at all, much less snow. It only stayed for the day but was nice while it lasted. Kiddo & his class got to play in the snow at school that day. […]

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