Charlie’s To Do List

I have been writing up a daily To Do List for Charlie over the summer. I start work at 7am so it got posted on Charlie’s door before he woke up. This was the most recent list. Please note the last item.


>Charlie’s Chores

>I grew up having chores. They were divided up – one of us cleaned the bathrooms, swept and mopped all the floors. The other vacuumed and dusted the house.  My sister and I switched every week. Per my mother’s directive, all chores had to be completed by midnight on Saturday. When we were little, chores […]



>Lately I have been feeling totally overwhelmed with everything! I know it is just a combination of many factors including post-holiday blues, exhaustion, and stress. Having a huge To Do List that I am seriously behind on is not helping matters either. I’m working full time hours, starting at 5:30am and then am busy in […]

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