Stream of Consciousness Sunday – Nov 13

The craft show yesterday was not very good money wise. I did make a small profit over the cost of the table. I guess the economy is really taking a toll. I did ok on Thursday night however.

I realized we don’t have a decent family photo that I like enough to put on Christmas cards. i have a few but blech. so i will be scheduling a photo session somewhere soon. maybe jc penneys or portrait innovations.

i have not heard back from Ford in regards to my Grand Prize I won back in Aug at BlogHer. I accept at least 50% of the problem was mine in not following up in a timely manner per se. i have been emailing back and  forth quite a bit this month. time to up the ante a little. i would love to be able to use the car for a week wheile on vacation the week of Thanksgiving. Hubby and I have the same week off for once! We’re thinking a car trip to Charlotte to see the NASCAR hall of fame for Charlie. It is open, we checked already. Dad could go with us as well. but who knows?

PTO and the school district is frustrating me alot. not the people exactly but the micromanaging and the lack of parental support overall. less than 50 kids sold fundraisers out of 600 total. that is pathetic. parents couldn’t even be bothered to buy 1 jar of salsa at $6???


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  1. We just did JC Penney, and my 22 month old son TORE UP THE STUDIO. In fact, I wrote my SOC post on our portrait experience. Good luck!

    • Charlie has always been good at getting his picture taken. We’ve used Penney’s frequently in the past. I made our appointment at Portrait Innovations for this afternoon. I’m fixing to head to Lane Bryant to look for a red shirt since I’m the only one in the family without one. *sigh*

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I made such a big deal out of not doing Christmas cards this year in a post last year – that we are sending a goat to charity – really. And color my kids thrilled, because they hate the Christmas photo experience 😉

    • Charlie actually enjoys getting his picture taken. The boy is super photogenic and a ham for the camera. Me on the other hand am definitely NOT photogenic, even when younger and thinner. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh yeah. I forgot it’s Christmas card time. We usually go hang out by the big tree at the mall and take pictures outside. It might be time to break out the camera tonight.