Quick Survey for BlogHer TV- pretty please?

Hello everyone! Just want to take a minute (or day) to ask if you would please take a super duper quick survey about watching videos online?

My favorite online community, full of totally awesome women, is BlogHer. They have a TV channel – online videos done by members on all sorts of topics. All the videos are short and some are hysterically funny! You can watch them by clicking on the box labeled BlogHer TV to the right ——>

Anyhow, back to business.  Here is the “official” verbiage for the survey. The surveys are only 5 questions, 10 minutes tops.

Would you please take a few minutes (no more than 5) to take our survey about watching video online? Your thoughts are so valuable to us and your opinions will help BlogHer.com make better decisions about video content on our site. 

Survey Link for PARENTING:
Survey Link for FOOD:
Survey Link for LIFESTYLE:
Survey Link for BEAUTY:
You can do just one survey or all of them; totally up to you!

Thank you for your help and input. I appreciate your showing support for me and BlogHer.



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