>PTO Fundraiser

>Our PTO had a KISS (Keep It Super Simple) fundraiser. The Principal, Assistant Principal, and PTO President would kiss a farm animal voted on by the kids who raised the most money. It was a basic “write-a-check” campaign, the first one our elementary school has done.  (Donations are still being accepted)

The assemblies were today. The kids had a blast and loved it! There were 2 assemblies, Kindergarten – 2nd grade and 3rd – 6th grade.  Elkins HS FFA brought a cow and 2 chickens to the school this morning.

All the students attended the assemblies but the kids who raised $50 or more got to sit on the stage and vote. The voting results (same for both assemblies) were as follows:

PTO President – cow
Assistant Principal – chicken
Principal – cow

Our AP can really work a crowd. The man was doing the chicken dance, clucking, and even brought his own special accessory to kiss the chicken!

Our principal was too quick in her smooches for me to get an actual photo of her kissing the cow. The best I could do was the pre-kiss pucker for both assemblies.

Overall, I think it was a success. I wish more kids had participated in the fundraiser but for a first time attempt at something new, I’m pleased. Kids will still be talking about this tomorrow. Next year they will want to be the ones on stage voting. So all in all, a good day.

Has your PTO/PTA done something similar?  Either the write-a-check campaign or some sort of wacky reward for fundraising or meeting a goal?


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