Pool Noodle Trampoline Safety

I saw this on Pinterest ages ago. There have been some near misses with pinched fingers lately. There is 1 pole I have not been able to remove and there is a real fear of some kid losing an eye or puncturing an internal organ. Especially with the boys practicing wrestling moves on the trampoline. So I decided to give this idea a try. It took me approximately 19 pool noodles. I used the small sized ones and chose an alternating color pattern. No measuring, just held the pool noodle next to the spring and used a utility knife to cut.

pinterest idea diy my life such as it is trampoline safety pool noodles

Snazzy looking right? The pole is now covered along with the springs. Pinterest success!

This is what my trampoline looked like 3 days later.

trampoilne safety pinterest my life such as it is

The kids said the noodles fell off when they were jumping.

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