>Personalized Crayon Shadowbox Teacher Gift

>I got this idea from Mrs. Firemom at Stop, Drop and Blog, where she made this for her sons’ preschool teachers. She in turn got it from someone else’s blog.  I loved the idea so much I made one up for Charlie’s Pre-K teacher’s end of year gift.

Unfortunately, I made it at the very last minute and totally forgot to take pictures of my steps. It was super duper easy so I’m pretty sure you can follow along to make one for a favorite teacher in your child’s life.

Items needed:

shadowbox (8×10 or 12×12)
crayons (used or new)
knife to cut crayons
glue (hot glue/glue gun or craft glue)
nice marker to write name

pencil to draw intial
white cardstock cut to size of shadowbox
Outline with the pencil the letter you are using on your white cardstock. Center slightly to the left of the paper, leaving room to write the teacher’s name on the side. 
Use your pencil to write out teacher’s name on the right edge of the paper, about 1″ from the edge. I printed out the name in a pretty font and traced onto the paper with the pencil. I then traced over the pencil with a black marker. Once the ink was dry, I erased the pencil marks.
I used a mix of old crayons and new crayons. I also used a hot glue gun but any type of craft glue will work as well. Begin gluing crayons to the cardstock, cutting where necessary. Fill in the letter placing the crayons right next to each other.
Let glue dry overnight if you used craft glue. Erase any showing pencil marks. Place finished piece in shadowbox. I added a sticker on the back with Charlie’s name, date, and class information. I had Charlie sign it too.

I used a 12×12″ shadowbox from Hobby Lobby because the less expensive smaller ones at Wal-Mart were out. I already had the cardstock from my scrapbooking stash plus tons of Charlie’s crayons.

This is a great gift for any preschool, daycare, or elementary school teacher. It is nicer than the usual lotions, candles, etc. Feel free to make your own!
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