>Painless Fundraising??

>Is there really such a thing? As a parent of a school aged child you rapidly become inundated with all the school fundraisers which normally involve your kid, or to be honest YOU, selling some sort of worthless crap. If you don’t have a child , you are overwhelmed by all the parents trying to hustle you into buying cheap wrapping paper, tubs of cookie dough, jewelry, or knick-knacks & doo-dads from their little angel.
I get that public schools need money. I totally understand budgets being cut by school districts. I come from a family of educators & most of my friends are teachers. Honestly though, the thought of pimping out  promoting all the crap wonderful items I’ve been forced to look at in the name of good manners, gives me the willies. I start twitching all over but I did have my speech prepared. It looked a little like this:

Hi! Since I’ve bought all kinds of crap from your kid over the years in regards to fundraising for school, scouts, etc. it is now your turn to buy some crap from my kid. You owe me!

Hubby says that is a tad bit overboard. Thankfully I won’t have to utilize threats my superb selling skills. Kiddo’s school PTO main fundraiser this year is a Write A Check campaign. There are incentives for raising the money including various people like the principle kissing farm animals. That is what I’m talking about! I would rather write a check for $40 knowing all of it will go to my son’s school versus having to deal with selling stuff.

We are also starting 2 new Recycling fundraising programs. Partnering with Terracycle, Kiddo’s school is now collecting empty juice pouches along with empty Elmer’s Glue Sticks & Elmer’s Glue Bottles. Each one of those products is worth 2 cents! Think about it – FREE MONEY for trash!! Kiddo’s school is also collecting Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education.

This, for me, is painless fundraising. All of these ideas take minimal effort on the part of the parents but potentially can gain quite a bit of money for the school. What kind of fundraisers is your child participating in this year?


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