>Lately I have been feeling totally overwhelmed with everything! I know it is just a combination of many factors including post-holiday blues, exhaustion, and stress. Having a huge To Do List that I am seriously behind on is not helping matters either.

I’m working full time hours, starting at 5:30am and then am busy in the afternoon with Charlie. He does let me get things done around the house (chores) but not on the computer or sewing machine for any length of time. Most afternoons are spent running errands. After dinner, Robert leaves for his part-time night job so it is just me and Charlie. By then Charlie wants me to play with him until bedtime. Since I get up so early, I’m in bed around 9:30pm myself.

So I am trying to start small by getting organized. I’m making a list of the things I need to get done on the computer. Then a list of sewing projects I have started and need to complete. Maybe by breaking down everything into smaller components I can feel like I’m getting a handle on stuff as well as feeling like I’m actually accomplishing something!

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